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Maine Salty Girl

Wishing Stones 1.25-1.75 inch - Maine Wishing Rocks with White Ring

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Discover the Magic: Unbroken Quartz Ring on Gray Maine Beach Wishing Stone

Introducing the extraordinary phenomenon of the "wishing rock" – a captivating beach stone adorned with a single, flawlessly unbroken stripe encircling its circumference. To attain the coveted status of an authentic wishing rock, every nuance of the white quartz ring must remain undisturbed; a continuous circle traversed by intersecting pathways, yet without a definitive beginning or end.

Imagine the intrigue of stumbling upon this rare treasure amidst a multitude of stones on a tranquil shore. The odds themselves bestow a stroke of fortune, as locating a stone with a solitary, unbroken ring becomes a tale of serendipity. Embracing cherished folklore, it's believed that crafting a wish while holding this stone invokes its fulfillment. Moreover, should your wish be intended for another, whispers of destiny hint that their aspirations, along with your own, shall be realized.

Delve into the beauty of these gray stones, embellished with an unbroken white striped ring, each telling a unique story of size, shape, and character. Their journey, shaped by the untamed embrace of the Atlantic surf over millennia, gifts them a distinctive personality. Enveloped in the essence of the rugged coastline, these stones beckon you to partake in their mystique.


  • Size: 1.25-1.75"
  • Qty: 2, 10, 25, 50
  • Ships in 2-5 days

Crafted by Nature, Guided by Legends:

Our gray-hued stones, boasting an unbroken, white striped ring, hold a mystical connection to the sea's eternal embrace. Each banded stone is a singular masterpiece, ready to infuse your life with the essence of the ocean's rugged beauty.

Wishes Unveiled, Dreams Fulfilled:

According to enduring lore, a wish cast upon a wishing rock for oneself is said to find its way to reality. Yet, the enchantment deepens when a wish is made for another—legend whispers that their desires will intertwine with yours, becoming a tapestry of fulfilled dreams.

Experience the Whispers of the Sea:

Immerse yourself in the enchanting legacy of these timeless stones. Let the waves' whispers guide you as you explore the unique wonders that have stood the test of time, carrying with them the power to transform wishes into tangible moments.

Embrace the Extraordinary, Embrace the Unbroken.

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

-William Faulkner