Salty Girl and the Long Dog is a Maine based online shop comprised of a small group of beach-lovin' gals who choose to make a living doing what they love! Salty Girl creates Maine-made driftwood items that are crafted with care and tons of love.  Salty Heart Favicon 

Growing up in York, Maine, folklore has it Cherie is part mermaid. With her graphic design education, a coastal wild spirit and her passion for the sun, sand and sea, Cherie and her assistant mermaids have created a successful online Etsy Shop that has generated nearly 8,000 sales. Using local natural resources, Salty Girl has become known for their stunning, one-of-a-kind driftwood and sea glass wreaths, driftwood handrails, driftwood signs, and beautiful driftwood wedding arches.

Cherie Herne | Salty Girl | York Maine

I'm an 8th generation native of York, Maine and DNA has confirmed that I AM definitely part mermaid!  After five years of having my Salty Girl shop, I have been able to live and work a salty lifestyle full time! I've gone from sitting at a computer all day, to going to a private cove or sandy beach every day.  I feel very fortunate to have an occupation that allows me to paddle-board to work! 

Stay salty,
Cherie | a/k/a Salty Girl

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