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At Maine Salty Girl, we've pioneered the driftwood decor industry. Our offerings span a wide spectrum – from enchanting wedding arbors to meticulously crafted handrails, and even captivating DIY craft kits. If your vision isn't in our lineup, fear not! Shoot us a message, and we'll work alongside you to craft a custom piece tailored to your precise desires.

Operated by a small crew of beach enthusiasts, our passion for art and everything "beachy" resonates through each creation. Our commitment to detail, craftsmanship, and creativity is palpable, making every piece an embodiment of our love for the coastal lifestyle. Every bit of driftwood and sea glass, personally handpicked by me, boasts its own tale waiting to be told.

Navigating online shopping waters can be daunting, but with Maine Salty Girl, it's a breeze. We put heart and soul into crafting each Salty Girl item, ensuring they stand the test of time – a testament to the trust you can place in our brand.


Cherie Herne | Salty Girl | York Maine

I'm Cherie Herne, the proud CEO and Founder behind Maine Salty Girl. Nestled in the heart of York, Maine, I've cultivated a deep connection with the ocean and its restorative allure.

My journey began against the backdrop of Maine's southern coast, where beachcombing has been my lifelong source of rejuvenation and inspiration. A past life as a graphic and web designer gave way to a transformative chapter when a Lyme disease diagnosis shone a light on the ocean's remarkable healing properties. Battling the foggy haze in my mind and the aches in my body, I found solace on the shore, and thus, the seeds of Salty Girl were sown. After all, life truly sparkles at the beach!

Thank you for visiting, and as we say by the sea, stay salty!
Cherie Herne
Cherie (a.k.a. Salty Girl)


Cherie Herne - Maine Salty Girl MermaidOur natural hand-crafted products are created with coastal Maine resources by coastal Maine mermaids.