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Stacked Beach Stones - 4 Stacking Peace Stones

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Discover these mesmerizing stacked beach stones, each a testament to the ancient art of rock balancing and the spiritual significance it holds across diverse cultures. The act of delicately stacking stones embodies patience and an exquisite pursuit of equilibrium. It's a physical testament to creating harmony. Every stone symbolizes grace, whether an expression of gratitude or a heartfelt offering for someone in need. These stone arrangements, known as cairns, transcend mere stacks; they represent intentions and resonate with profound meanings.

These stunning stones, fashioned from solid gray and speckled granite, have weathered millennia under the relentless embrace of the Atlantic surf. Tumbled and smoothed over time, these once-flat stones now boast beautifully rounded shapes, each carrying the whispers of centuries in their curves and edges.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, historical records state that Native Americans would display conical piles of stone outside of their wigwams, that would be knocked down only when going to war. So long as their people remained at peace with the Europeans, these structures remained proudly intact.

Display these stacked beach stones from Maine as a symbol of your wish for world peace.


  • 4 Stacking Stones
  • Select loose stones for your creative stacking or pre-epoxied for a lasting, ready-to-display arrangement.
  • Available in LG (1-3 inches), XL (2-4 inches), XXL (3-6 inches)
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