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Maine Salty Girl

Sea Glass Teardrops - Tiny Mermaid Tears in a Mini Glass Jar - Genuine Sea Glass from Maine

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Indulge in the enchanting world within a miniature glass jar, where a collection of around 12-16 delicate mermaid teardrops crafted from Maine sea glass await. Nestled within is a realm of tiny wonder, where each teardrop carries the essence of the ocean's embrace.

Elegantly encased, the glass jar is accompanied by an aqua drawstring pouch, adding a touch of mystique. Accompanying this treasure is the captivating Tale of the Mermaid Teardrop, a tale of secrets whispered by the sea itself.

Imagine bestowing this exquisite creation upon someone who cherishes the beauty of the small, the preciousness of life's details. It's a symphony of elegance, a token that speaks to weddings, showers, birthdays, and every cherished occasion.

The genesis of these natural treasures began centuries ago, as the waves tenderly caressed pebble-strewn beaches and rocky havens. The metamorphosis was slow, as the sea lovingly tumbled these pieces, refining them into smooth, glistening teardrops. Discovering them is akin to a hidden revelation, a pursuit of the most delicate secrets of the shoreline—a quest that unveils tiny, precious treasures, like whispered echoes from the heart of the sea itself.


  • Size: Glass Jar with Cork Stopper Measures: 1.25 x .75"
  • Teardrops: 12-16 pieces approx ¼"
  • Teardrop Colors: Assortment of Whites, Greens, Blues, Browns, Purples
  • Packaging: Aqua Gift Pouch and Tale of the Mermaid Teardrop
  • Options: with or without Eyelet & Ribbon
  • Shipping: 1-3 Days

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Tale of the Mermaid Teardrop

As the story goes: Neptune, the god of the sea had forbidden the mermaids from interfering with nature. The mermaids often accompanied ships as they crossed the oceans, and grew to care about the captains and crews who braved the seas in all kinds of weather. One evening a treacherous storm erupted, threatening to destroy a ship and send the captain and crew to a watery grave. There was a mermaid swimming alongside this ship as she often did. She had fallen in love with the captain from afar, and despite Neptune's warning, she used her powers to calm the wind and waves, saving the life of her beloved captain.

Enraged by the mermaid's disobedience, Neptune banished her for all time to the bottom of the ocean. Never again was she able to come to the surface or swim with the ships. She sobs still from the depths of the ocean and her tears wash up on sandy beaches of the world as sea glass teardrops in various beautiful colors of the sea.