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Maine Salty Girl

Lucky Wish Stones - 10 Maine Beach Stones with Single White Ring 2-2.5"

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Discover 10 unique Maine 'Wishing Stones'—each a distinct beauty! These banded treasures from secluded Maine coves boast individual sizes, shapes, and captivating character. Carved by the enduring Atlantic waves over millennia, each stone features an unbroken, white-striped ring, a hallmark of its rugged journey.

A 'wishing rock' showcases a solitary, uninterrupted white quartz band encircling its entirety. Discovering one amidst millions of beach stones is a stroke of remarkable luck. Legend has it that making a wish for yourself might make it true, while wishing for others could grant their desires along with yours.

Perfect as wedding favors, serene spa gifts, harmonious tokens, additions to stone collections, or natural accents for home decor, gardens, or patios.


  • Size: 2-2.5 inches
  • Packaged individually in an aqua gift bag with a note explaining the story of the wishing rock
  • Ships in 2-5 days depending on the quantity ordered

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”
-William Faulkner