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Salty Girl and the Long Dog

Driftwood Christmas Tree 7 Foot

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Capturing the allure and splendor of nature indoors, our life-sized driftwood Christmas tree is poised to become the centerpiece of festive discussions. Towering at a majestic height of 7 feet, our remarkable driftwood tree offers the choice of a maritime-inspired tree topper. Witness your tree spring to life as it's crowned with either a faux starfish (crafted from distressed wooden stars - no harm to sea creatures involved!) or a sea glass angel (accented with a "lucky" wish beach stone halo head and tasteful white painted details).

Enhance its charm further with your collection of coastal ornaments and delicate twinkling lights, or simply let its natural beauty stand on its own. This driftwood tree isn't confined to the holiday season; it's a source of delight that can be relished throughout the entire year!

Every piece of driftwood included in your kit boasts a distinctive and exquisite character. With its authentic surf-tumbled beach wood, rain-swept and sun-dried without the use of any chemicals, this tree is destined to become a cherished family favorite for years to come. It's important to note that all the driftwood has been gathered from saltwater beaches, steering clear of damp areas that might lead to decay and pests.

SPECIAL ORDERS: for custom size driftwood trees over 7 feet, please visit our website We've built them as tall as 9 feet!