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Salty Girl and the Long Dog

Custom Driftwood Sign with a Starfish and a Fishing Rope Hanger - Beach Inspired Hand Lettered Sign

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Discover the allure of our bespoke signs, where each piece comes to life through the artistry of hand-lettering on unique Maine driftwood. As nature sculpts every piece of driftwood with its own distinctive character, our Salty signs emerge as exclusive treasures – the perfect gift, be it for yourself or a cherished loved one.

Crafted with care, we select the finest Maine driftwood, complete with a retired fishing rope hanger and a faux starfish that mirrors the coastal charm of our creations.

Uncover the enchantment of our personalized signs, where each creation breathes life into unique Maine driftwood through the skill of hand-lettering and a lifelike faux starfish.


🌟 Hand-lettered in a whimsical typestyle, each stroke a testament to our passion.

🌟 Choose your finish: embrace the raw beauty of natural driftwood, the timeless allure of distressed white, or the captivating depth of blue.
🌟 Suspended by a retired fishing rope hanger, weaving the maritime narrative into your decor.
🌟 Seal of protection – a clear finish lovingly applied.
🌟 Imprinted with our emblematic Salty Girl logo, a mark of authenticity and craftsmanship.