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Salty Girl and the Long Dog

Driftwood Heart Wall Hanging 18"-24"-36"-42"

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This charming driftwood heart wall hanging features unique, chunky driftwood pieces that will add a whimsical, rustic feel to any space Adorned with a tiny heart painted Maine beach stone, it's sturdy for both indoor and outdoor hanging.

This beautiful driftwood heart boasts durability and arrives ready to grace your indoor or outdoor spaces. Whether it's to enhance your beachy cottage, complement your New England-style home, or serve as a thoughtful gesture for a special occasion—be it a unique wedding gift, a warm housewarming present, a thoughtful realtor's closing gift, or simply to adorn your own cherished space—this heart is a versatile and exquisite addition wherever it finds its place.


  • Available in 4 sizes:
    • Small (18")
    • Medium (24")
    • Large (36")
    • XLarge (42")
  • Ready to Hang:
    • Driftwood branch with D-ring hangers
  • Features:
    • Whimsical driftwood branch
    • Sea Glass Charm
  • Other Details:
    • Made in Maine product
    • Ships in 2-4 weeks