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Maine Salty Girl

Coastal Decor Stones - 20 Multi Striped Beach Stones .75" - 1.25" - Zen Garden Rocks

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20 Unique Striated Maine Beach Stones - .75"-1.25"

Experience the captivating allure of Striated (a/k/a stripey) stones, a natural wonder discovered in the serene coves of Maine. These stones have been meticulously smoothed and polished by the relentless surf over thousands of years, resulting in their remarkable roundness and unparalleled smoothness.

These ancient treasures boast a spectrum of grays, adorned with delicate light stripes and occasional hints of reddish browns. Their serene presence isn't limited to the beach – they make stunning additions to your office, infusing tranquility into your workspace. Furthermore, they elevate your home, garden, or patio design with their timeless charm.

Use these unique Striated stones for crafting, crafting beach stone knobs, designing Zen gardens, fashioning jewelry, or enhancing your home decor. Embrace the elegance of nature with these extraordinary coastal gems.

**The images shown in this listing, are examples only. You will receive a very similar collection of stones.

Elevate your décor with the authenticity of southern Maine's coastal treasures. Our driftwood, sea glass, and beach stones hail from the picturesque shores of southern Maine, where rocky and sandy beaches intertwine with miles of rugged coastline, crafting the ideal setting for the tumbling of driftwood and sea glass, as well as the formation of unique beach stones.

Here's what makes our coastal finds truly exceptional:

* Genuine Surf-Tumbled Beach Wood: Each piece of driftwood we offer boasts the unmistakable character of being naturally tumbled by the surf, lending it a unique and enchanting allure.

* Rain Rinsed and Sun-Dried Only - NO Chemicals Used: We take pride in preserving the pure, unadulterated beauty of our coastal treasures. Our driftwood undergoes a meticulous process of rain rinsing and sun drying without the use of any chemicals, ensuring its eco-friendly and chemical-free appeal.

* From Saltwater Beaches - Never Marshy Areas: Our commitment to quality extends to the very source of our materials. We exclusively collect driftwood, sea glass, and beach stones from saltwater beaches, steering clear of marshy areas that could lead to decay and pest-related issues.

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Experience the genuine essence of southern Maine's coastal wonder in every piece of our hand-selected driftwood, sea glass, and beach stones.



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