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Maine Salty Girl

Boho Clothing Rack - Driftwood Branch Clothes Hanger for Retail Space

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Transform your retail space or home into a coastal haven with our exquisite driftwood branch clothes hanger. Crafted from sturdy driftwood branches, our clothing racks effortlessly showcase dozens of hanging blouses, dresses, or lightweight jackets. Meticulously sanded to a smooth finish, your branch arrives ready to be adorned and instantly adds a touch of coastal charm to any setting. Elevate your display and make a statement with our beautifully crafted driftwood clothes hangers!


Choose your approximate size:

  • Length: 4, 5, 6, or 7 FT
  • Thickness: 1.75-2.25"

Choose your finish:

  • Natural
  • White distressed - sun bleached grey tones
  • Stained - similar to a walnut shade

Add a note to your order:

Tell us what you intend to do with your driftwood branch. If you are trying to simulate a look you found on Pinterest or the internet, please email the photo to us so we can choose the best piece(s) for your project.

* Please allow 1-3 weeks to ship. If sooner shipping is needed, please specify in the note field at checkout.