Our Maine Beach Sand jewelry collection is the perfect way for you to always keep your happy place with you. Inspired by our quaint Maine beaches and the roaring Atlantic surf, our beach sand jewelry will give you a little piece of Maine wherever you go.

Show someone that you love them to the beach and back with our classic beach sand necklace, or if you really want to go all-in with the beach vibe, add beach treasure accents charms to your necklace, or matching earrings.


  • Dimensions:
    • Necklace Chain Length: 23"
    • Necklace Charm Size: ⅝ x ½"
    • Necklace Beach Treasure Charms: ¼ - ½" 
    • Earring Length: 1"
    • Earring Charm Size: ⅜ x ⅜"
  • Material: 
    • Glass Beach Sand Charms
    • Silver Necklaces are Stainless Steel Ball Chains
    • Gold Necklaces are Nickel and Copper
    • Necklace Charms:
      • Hollow Periwinkle Shell
      • Blue/Aqua Sea Glass
      • Patterned Beach Pottery
      • Tiny Beach Stone
      • Pearl Bead
    Qty available: 5
    Beach Sand Jewelry - Maine Beach Sand Necklace & Earrings $25.00

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