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Salty Girl and the Long Dog

Bar Menu Driftwood Sailboat - 24" Personalized Sailboat Centerpiece

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Mast Topper

Embark on a voyage of flavors with our latest offering: the Driftwood Sailboat Bar Menus! 🌊🍹 Navigate towards an unparalleled dining adventure that encapsulates the very spirit of coastal allure. Here's to indulging in drinks and delicacies while immersed in the splendor of the ocean's embrace.

Introducing our magnificent 24" Driftwood Sailboat, a guaranteed attention-grabber for any occasion! These meticulously crafted, oversized sailboats exude an authentic nautical charm, making them the ideal centerpiece for bar menus at weddings and events that hold a special place for sea enthusiasts.


  • Size: Approximately 24x24x4"
  • Lettered in script style
  • Cotton canvas duck fabric sails
  • Driftwood hull and mast
  • Bottom of boat branded with Salty Girl logo
  • Painted heart on a tiny beach stone affixed to side of hull
  • Choose your topper: natural, heart flag, or faux starfish
  • Made in Maine product
  • Ships in 2-4 weeks