Add a natural beachie look to your decor with our Maine beach stone knobs.  Your collection of one-of-a-kind drawer pulls will remind you of your visit to the salty, sandy, and stunning rocky coast of Maine. Or maybe help inspire you to at last add a visit to your list of must sees locations! 

  • Stone Size: 1.25-1.5" in diameter and approx. .5" tall
  • Base Size:  Measuring approx. .50+" 

Choose from Roundish Speckled Granite,  Smooth Multi Striped or Smooth Wishing Stones with a single band of White

Rounded Speckled Granite
- Cool Speckled Granite
- Warm Speckled Granite

Smooth Multi Striped 
- Cool Tones w/ Dark Stripes
- Warm Tones w/ Dark Stripes

Smooth Wishing Stones
- Gray with Unbroken White Ring of Quartz

Our knobs are perfect for kitchen or bath drawer pulls, bureau knobs, coat hooks, towel hooks, key hooks, and jewelry display hooks. 

When collecting your stones we must first focus on size, thickness, shape, and a flattish back for mounting the base. Stone knobs will vary slightly in coloration, size, and shape. 

Qty available: 10
Natural Maine Beach Stone Knobs - 1 Knob $28.00

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