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DIY Mandala Beach Stone Painting Kit

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In this kit, you'll receive all of the materials needed to make your own beautiful mandala beach stones. And don't let looks fool you; with our step-by-step instructions, creating unique and eye-catching mandala stones is a breeze! In fact, many people have found the mandala design process to be not only fun, but rather therapeutic. Whether you're searching for the perfect gift for a special, crafty someone, or looking to get lost in a hobby that brings the calm, a Beach Stone Mandala Kit is sure to please.


  • (4) Rounded Beach Stones
  • (3) Acrylic Paint Pots: White, Black, & Blue
  • Fine Detail Paint Brush
  • Flat Head Paint Brush
  • Dotting Tool Stylus
  • Dotting Tool Stick
  • Small Steel Paint Mixing Tray
  • Instructions with Practice Sheet
  • Sea Urchin Knobs: 2 wooden knobs w/ screws, green paint, instructions
  • Sea Urchin Stones: 2 round beach stones, green paint, instructions
  • Seashells: 4 seashells, pink paint, blue mica powder, instructions
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