Hearts symbolize love and affection. This driftwood heart kit is the perfect gift to give to yourself or someone you care about. Much like traditional puzzles, the art of putting together your driftwood heart is meditative and relaxing. And best of all, there is no way one way to create your piece. Each one will be slightly different – just as no two pieces of driftwood are the same, no two driftwood hearts will be!

These driftwood hearts are designed to hang on the wall of your home, bringing with them the peace and serenity found along the coast of Maine.

Each Driftwood Heart Kit Includes:

⚓  A collection of small and mini pieces of driftwood

⚓  Glue gun

⚓  Your choice of Sea Blue or Natural Rope

⚓  Sawtooth hanger for the back
⚓  Beautifully packaged in its own decorative box
⚓  Instructions

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Measures approx. 13” wide by 13” high when finished.


All of our driftwood, sea glass, and beach stones are hand collected from majestic southern Maine. Here we have miles and miles of rugged coastline creating the perfect environment for tumbling driftwood, stones, and sea glass. Such a bounty for us to explore!

Qty available: 5
DIY Driftwood Heart Kit $68.00

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