Complete your coastal style with natural Maine driftwood branches. Whether making a statement with a cluster of driftwood branches in your living room or hanging a single driftwood branch above your bed, natural driftwood is an eco-friendly and unique alternative to traditional wall decor.

Driftwood branches from the rocky coast of Maine are sure to give your living space a splash of depth and dimension. With subtle twists and turns, bumps, and bends, these gorgeous 7-foot wall pieces add a coastal style to any home.


Choose your width based on usage:

  • Rod Width: 1.5-2" diameter
  • Pole Width: 2.25-3.25" diameter
* Remnants and imperfections from the wild Maine surf are removed with light hand sanding prior to shipping.

 Add a note to your order:

Tell us what you intend to do with your driftwood branch(es). If you are trying to simulate a look that you found on Pinterest or the internet, please email the photo to us so we can choose the best piece(s) for your project.

  • Ships in 5-10 days
Qty available: 3 SKU: DB7FR
Large Driftwood Branch 7 FT for Coastal Wall Decor $185.00

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