This stunning driftwood sunburst wreath was designed to recreate the beauty of the summer sun. Small sun-drenched driftwood pieces and organically shaped accents are added to the center to give this magnificent wreath a classic coastal feel.

Sun drenched accents around the center, layers of hand-selected Maine driftwood, and shades of subtle blues and sea foam green sea glass accents harmonize this nautical wreath.


  • Dimensions:
    • 20” x 20" 
    • 24” x 20"
    • Weight: 
      • 6-8 lbs.
    • Ready to Hang:
      • Wire Loop Hanger
      • Retired Lobster Rope
    • Wreath Features:
      • Accented with Light Blue and Sea Foam Green Sea Glass
      • Hand-signed and dated by the artist
      • Tiny beach stone with painted heart snuggled in the driftwood sticks
    • Made to order:
      • Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery
    Qty available: 4
    Maine Driftwood Sunburst Wreath with Subtle Blue & Green Sea Glass Accents by Artist Cherie Herne - Sizes: 20" or 24" $385.00

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